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Unique Nail Spa - What is Voesh NY Pedicure service? - Nail salon 97035

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Voesh NY Pedicure (Appx 55 Mins)$50 

This perfect skin treatment will let your feet experience aromatherapy with one of the various scents. These will bring the best result of Signature Voesh New York or BCL products. The service is also started with an aromatic foot soak, cuticle cleaning, followed by sugar scrub exfoliation, paraffin hot was, organic cream massage, hot stone massage, organic mud masque, warm towels. and your choice of regular polish.

You can choose your favorite scent with either Voesh New York or BCL products. With Signature Natural Voesh New York products: Vegetarian, No Parabens, No Triclosan, No Benzophenone, No Mineral Oil, No Animal Material, Cruelty-Free, and No Ethanol.

Choose a scent and enjoy:

1. Eucalyptus Energy Boost

2. Cucumber Fresh

3. Green Tea Detox

4. Charcoal Power Detox

5. Mango Delight

6. Tangerine Twist

7. Peppermint Ocean Refresh

8. Jasmine Soothe

9. Lemon Quench

10. Lavender Relieve

11. Vitamin C Recharge

12. Olive Sensation

13. Coco Colada Oasis

14. Chocolate Love

15. Watermelon Burst

16. Hemp Relax

With BCL Certified Organic Products: Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, No Phthalates, No Parabens, No Talc, No Sulfates, No Triclosan, Cruelty-Free, No Ethanol.

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Choose a scent and enjoy:

1. Mandarin + Mango

2. Lemongrass + Green Tea

3. Lavender + Mint

4. Pitaya Dragon Fruit

5. Jasmine Coconut

6. Milk+Honey w/white Chocolate

7. White Radiance

8. Tingling Mint + CBD

9. Grapefruit + Vitamin C

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